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The chart below shows all of the IPO's where we advised our subscribers that we
had a Neutral evaluation - neither significantly a buy nor avoid advisory.
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Name Ticker Country IPO
Global Research
Issue Price High % Gain

* missing months below had no qualified offerings 
November, 2013 
Bank of Chongqing CoAsia / HK2HK$6.00HK$6.030%
Viva Industrial TrustAsia / Singapore2S$0.78S$0.785-1.92%
October, 2013 
China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Asia / HK2HK$4.10HK$4.07-4.87%
Jingrui Holdings Limited Asia / HK2HK$4.45HK$4.460%
Cabeen Fashion LimitedAsia / HK2HK$2.53HK$2.746.71%
China Huirong Financial HoldingAsia / HK2HK$2.18HK$2.230%
Yestar InternationalAsia / HK2HK$1.38HK$1.6716.6%
SIA ReitAsia / Japan2JPY450,000JPY444,500-4.67%
Nexteer AutomotiveAsia / HK2HK$2.80HK$2.940%
September, 2013 
CT Environmental Group LtdAsia / HK2HK$1.48HK$1.48-2..07%
Odjfell DrillingEurope / Norway2NOK42.00NOK42.60-2.38%
PT Siloam International Hospitals Asia / Indonesia2IDR9000IDR101005.5%
August, 2013 
Soilbuild Business Space REITAsia / Singapore2S$0.78S$0.77-1.28%
Grand Ming Group HoldingsAsia / HK2HK$1.11HK$1.173.6%
AmazeAsia / Japan2JPY730JPY9459%
July, 2013 
Fibra ShopLatin America / Mexico2PSo17.50PSo17.570%
CPFL RenovaveisLatin America / Brazil2Brl12.51Brl12.20-3.60%
Wisdom Holdings Asia / HK2HK$2.11HK$2.110%
Modern Land (China) Co Limited Asia / HK2HK$1.49HK$1.490%
New Century Real Estate Investment TrustAsia / HK2HK$3.50HK$3.55-2.85%
Cardio3 Biosciences SAEurope / Belguim2Eur16.65Eur19.995.95%
Sinosoft Technology Group LimitedAsia / HK2HK$1.45HK$1.542.75%
Hoshino Resorts ReitAsia / Japan2JPY510,000JPY608,00011.76%
PT Electronic City Indonesia TbkAsia / Indonesia2IDR4050IDR41000%
Suntory Beverage & Food LimitedAsia / Japan2JPY3100JPY32550.65%
Macau Legend DevelopmentAsia / HK2HK$2.35HK$2.514.25%
Deutsche Annington Immobilien AGEurope / Germany 2Eur16.50Eur17.973.63%
Air Asia X BhdAsia / Malaysia2MYR1.25MYR1.280.8%
June, 2013 
Freetech Road Recycling TechnologyAsia / HK2HK$2.43HK$2.860.82%
AL Noor Hospital GroupUK2£5.75£6.000%
Kion Group AGEurope / Germany 2Eur24.00Eur24.2950.79%
PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya TBKAsia / Indonesia2IDR5500IDR55000%
Wuzhou InternationalAsia / HK2HK$1.22HK$1.386.55%
China Harmony AutoAsia / HK2HK$6.08HK$5.95-2.14%
Nomura Real Estate Master Fund IncAsia / Japan2JPY100,000JPY108,000-3.3%
PT Dharma Satya Nusantara Tbk Asia / Indonesia2IDR185019501.08%
May, 2013 
Galaxy SecuritiesAsia / HK2HK$5.30HK$5.909.05%
Asian Pay Television TrustAsia / Singapore2S$0.97S$1.0053.1%
PT Mitra Pinasthika MustikaAsia / Indonesia2IDR1500IDR16003.33%
Sinopec Engineering GroupAsia / HK2HK$10.50HK$10.721.9%
PT Austindo Nusantara JayaAsia / Indonesia2IDR1200IDR12806.66%
China Galaxy SecuritiesAsia / HK2HK$5.30HK$5.904.91%
April, 2013 
MoleskineEurope / Italy2Eur2.30Eur2.390%
March, 2013 
Xinchen China Power Holdings Ltd Asia / HK2HK$2.23HK$2.420%
BroadleafAsia / Japan2JPY1080JPY150011%
FaltecAsia / Japan2JPY3940JPY56005.33%
Konoike Transport LimitedAsia / Japan2JPY1020JPY149737.6%
February, 2013 
OJSC Moscow ExchangeRussia2RUB55.00RUB58.15-0.05%
Roma GroupAsia / HK2HK$0.30HK$1.0536.67%
PanAsialum Holdings Company LimitedAsia / HK2HK$4.13HK$3.94-4.60%
December, 2012 
China SilverAsia / HK2HK$1.18HK$1.4714.40%
Punch IndustryAsia / Japan2JPY560JPY549-5.35%
GrandesAsia / Japan2JPY360JPY4482.2%
People`s Insurance Co of China (PICC)Asia / HK2HK$3.48HK$3.763.16%
Wison Engineering Services Company LimitedAsia / HK2HK$2.79HK$2.850%
Zenkoku HoshoAsia / Japan2JPY980JPY15503.67%
Adjuvant Cosmetics JapanAsia / Japan2JPY1250JPY13204.8%
UMN PharmaAsia / Japan2JPY1300JPY1385-8%
Ananda DevelopmentAsia / Thailand 2THB4.20THB4.28-1.43%
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery GroupAsia / HK2HK$10.38HK$10.00-3.66%
November, 2012 
CIFI GroupAsia / HK2HK$1.33HK$1.330%
Hudson Bay CompanyCanada2C$17.00C$17.070%
Gene Techo ScienceAsia / Japan2JPY1200JPY167029.17%
CJ Hellovision LtdAsia / S Korea 2KRW16,000KRW16,200-4.375%
Arigatou ServicesAsia / Japan2JPY1170JPY247911.28%
PT Express Transindo Utama TbkAsia / Indonesia2IDR560IDR6205.36%
October, 2012 
Fosun PharmaceuticalAsia / HK2HK$11.80HK$11.40-6.1%
ZE PAKEurope / Poland2PLZ26.20PLZ26.290%
Hess AGEurope / Germany 2Eur15.50Eur15.600.65%
KFM KingdomAsia / HK2HK$0.68HK$0.9510.29%
EFG Financial ProductsEurope / Switzerland2CHF45CHF49.052.22%
AWA Paper ManufacturingAsia / Japan2JPY370JPY3720.27%
MD Medical Group InvestmentsRussia2US$12US$12.503.3%
Sanyo TradingAsia / Japan2JPY460JPY487-3.47%
Nippon ConceptAsia / Japan2JPY1020JPY977-8.04%
Telefonica O2 DeutschlandEurope / Germany 2Eur5.60Eur5.9581.78%
August, 2012 
Dynam Japan holdingsAsia / HK2HK$14HK$14.320%
July, 2012 
Ascendas Hospitality trustAsia / Singapore2S$0.88S$0.895-0.57%
Silverman HoldingsAsia / HK2HK$1.10HK$1.150%
Bolina HoldingsAsia / HK2HK$2.15HK$2.371.39%
Sheen Tai Holdings Asia / HK2HK$1.20HK$1.40-5.8%
Wanguo International MiningAsia / HK2HK$1.99HK$2.082.5%
Qualipak Asia / HK2HK$1.59HK$1.715.69%
Merry Garden HoldingAsia / HK2HK$1.00HK$1.031%
China Aluminium International Engineering CorpAsia / HK2HK$3.93HK$3.950.5%
PT Toba Bara Sejahtra TbkAsia / Indonesia2IDR1900IDR220011.84%
China Yongda Automobile ServicesAsia / HK2HK$6.60HK$6.670%
Xiao Nan Guo RestaurantsAsia / HK2HK$1.50HK$1.571.33%
June, 2012 
Huadian Fuxin Energy Corporation LimitedAsia / HK2HK$1.65HK$1.751.21%
Xiezhong InternationalAsia / HK2HK$0.93HK$1.034.3%
HappinessAsia / Japan2JPY1900JPY253916%
Ohizumi MFGAsia / Japan2JPY350JPY41814.2%
Emergency Assistance Japan Asia / Japan2JPY1100JPY201027%
China Nonferrous Mining Corp (CNMC)Asia / HK2HK$2.20HK$2.210%
Activia Properties Asia / Japan2JPY460000JPY461000-3.26%
May, 2012 
Haiku Seafood AGEurope / Germany 2Eur1010.36-0.8%
April, 2012 
Branding China GroupAsia / HK2HK$1.98HK$2.327.58%
Zhongsheng Resources Asia / HK2HK$1.23HK$1.240%
Jiangnan Group LimitedAsia / HK2HK$1.42HK$1.48-2.90%
SynertoneAsia / HK2HK$0.33HK$0.4421%
Charm CareAsia / Japan2JPY950JPY12195.2%
Universal EngeishaAsia / Japan2JPY1310JPY148011%
CocolonetAsia / Japan2JPY945JPY105011.1%
Uchiyama HoldingsAsia / Japan2JPY1480JPY1520-4%
March, 2012 
CW GroupAsia / HK2HK$1.33HK$1.483%
Wonderful Sky Financial Asia / HK2HK$1.39HK$1.430%
Trigiant Group Asia / HK2HK$1.20HK$1.440.83%
Osaka KohkiAsia / Japan2JPY700JPY697-2.14%
Tea LifeAsia / Japan2JPY510JPY6109.01%
Sunshine OilsandsAsia / HK2HK$4.86HK$4.86-0.2%
February, 2012 
Christine International HoldingsAsia / HK2HK$1.60HK$1.67-7.5%
Xiwang Special SteelAsia / HK2HK$2.65HK$2.26-21%
Maxvalu KyushuAsia / Japan2JPY1250JPY13704%
January, 2012 
ASR HoldingsAsia / HK2HK$0.93HK$1.3112.9%
Allied CementAsia / HK2HK$1.00HK$1.1210%
Kai Shi China Holdings limitedAsia / HK2HK$0.90HK$1.056.66%
Vision Fame InternationalAsia / HK2HK$1.20HK$1.8815%
PC Partner GroupAsia / HK2HK$1.60HK$1.61-3.75%
Huili ResourcesAsia / HK2HK$1.70`HK$1.802.94%
Huazhong Holdings Company Limited Asia / HK2HK$1.40HK$1.583.5%
Ruspetro PlcUK2#1.34#1.34-0.18%
December, 2011 
China Tianrui Group Cement CoAsia / HK2HK$2.41HK$3.050.41%
SPT Energy Group IncAsia / HK2HK$1.23HK$1.26-11.38%
Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Limited Asia / HK2HK$1.67HK$1.710.6%
Guodian Technology & Environment Group Asia / HK2HK$2.16HK$2.457.4%
China First Chemical Holdings Asia / HK2HK$2.70HK$2.93-0.31%
China Outfitters Holdings LimitedAsia / HK2HK$1.64HK$1.63-4.16%
Baoxin AutoGroup Limited Asia / HK2HK$8.50HK$8.00-6.12%
China Lifestyle Food and Beverage Group LimitedAsia / HK2HK$2.65HK$2.65-5.66%
Aisei PharmacyAsia / Japan2JPY3460JPY35400%
Erajaya SwasembadaAsia / Indonesia2IDR1000IDR10505%
MisawaAsia / Japan2JPY860JPY132040.5%
China Polymetallic Mining Asia / HK2HK$2.22HK$2.20-0.90%
Chiome BioscienceAsia / Japan2JPY2700JPY2730-8.15%
Nitta GelatinAsia / Japan2JPY500JPY507-7.6%
Japan MaterialAsia / Japan2JPY2650JPY2710-8.08%
Chow Tai FookAsia / HK2HK$15HK$14.20-6.66%
Sansei LandicAsia / Japan2JPY500JPY478-6%
PT ABM Investama TbkAsia / Indonesia2IDR3750IDR41009%
Trade MeNew Zealand2NZ$2.70NZ$2.931.85%
November, 2011 
HK Trust Asia / HK2HK$4.53HK$4.580.88%
China Vehicle ComponentsAsia / HK2HK$1.4HK$1.903.5%
Jin Bao BaoAsia / HK2HK$1.25HK$1.321.6%
LifeTech ScientificAsia / HK2HK$2.00HK$2.06-3.5%
Berg Earth Asia / Japan2JPY740 JPY8165.4%
PT Atlas ResourcesAsia / Indonesia2IDR1500IDR15703.33
October, 2011 
3-D MatrixAsia / Japan2JPY2100JPY2091-43%
Japan Property Management CenterAsia / Japan2JPY1600JPY18750%
SymBio PharmaAsia / Japan2JPY560JPY450-19%
September, 2011 
Travel ExpertAsia / HK2HK$0.63HK$0.57-11.1%
Active GroupAsia / HK2HK$1.20HK$1.21-0.84%
China HankingAsia / HK2HK$2.51HK$2.660
HongguoAsia / HK2HK$2.30HK$2.30-0.87%
Ten Fu TeaAsia / HK2HK$6HK$6.000

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