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Track Record Rating 3

The chart below shows all of our Moderate buy, "3 rated", recommendations that we sent to our subscribers.
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Name Ticker Country IPO
Global Research
Issue Price High On
% Gain

* missing months below had no qualified offerings 
November, 2013 
Numericable GroupEurope / France3Eur24.80Eur28.65YES2.83%
PW MedtechAsia / HK3HK$3.18HK$3.57YES0%
Merlin Entertainments plcUK3£3.15£3.55YES3.17%
October, 2013 
Value HRAsia / Japan3JPY2000JPY4380YES102%
Arrow Global PlcUK3£2.05£2.30YES9.75%
Grupo Lala S.A.B de CVLatin America / Mexico3Pso27.50Pso30.50YES9.49%
Stock Spirits GroupUK3£2.35£2.40YES0%
Meridian EnergyLtdNew Zealand3NZD1.00NZD1.10YES8%
Blue Solutions S.AEurope / France3Eur14.50Eur23.98YES14.14%
Cembra Money Bank AGEurope / Switzerland3Chf51.00Chf57.90YES6.86%
PKP Cargo S.AEurope / Poland3Plz68.00Plz83.48YES20.70%
Hydoo International Holdings Asia / HK3HK$2.15HK$2.22YES0%
September, 2013 
Amicogen IncAsia / S Korea 3KRW25,000KRW64,000YES100%
Sanwa CompanyAsia / Japan3JPY950JPY3750YES260%
Tenwow International HoldingsAsia / HK3HK$3.15HK$3.82YES3.49%
Foxtons PlcUK3£2.30£2.86YES19.35%
Envipro HoldingsAsia / Japan3JPY700JPY1128YES48.57%
International Housewares Retail Co LtdAsia / HK3HK$2.81HK$3.22YES11.03%
China Huishan DairyAsia / HK3HK$2.67HK$2.62No-4.86%
August, 2013 
N Field Asia / Japan3JPY1500JPY4425YES107%
July, 2013 
S.CultureAsia / HK3HK$2.13HK$2.49YES4.69%
Kris Energy LimtedAsia / Singapore3S$1.10S$1.26YES13.636%
Singapore Press Holdings ReitAsia / Singapore3S$0.90S$1.00YES8.88%
OUE Hospitality TrustAsia / Singapore3S$0.88S$0.90YES0.6%
NextageAsia / Japan3JPY1700JPY2209YES18.29%
June, 2013 
TEE LandAsia / Singapore3S$0.54S$0.585YES3.70%
Yokota ManufacturingAsia / Japan3JPY720JPY2573YES136%
Virtus Health Care Limited Australia3A$5.68A$6.29YES6.87%
B Post SA/NVEurope / Belguim3EUR14.50EUR15.08YES0%
ICDAHAsia / Japan3JPY1900JPY3040YES58%
JSSAsia / Japan3JPY950JPY1235YES26%
Matas A/SEurope / Denmark3DKK115DKK125.50YES6.09%
May, 2013 
Croesus Retail TrustAsia / Singapore3S$0.93S$1.18YES20.43%
Mighty River PowerNew Zealand3NZ$2.50NZ$2.73YES9.2%
Asia United BankAsia / Philippines3PHP95.00PHP105.10YES6.8%
Langham Hospitality InvestmentsAsia / HK3HK$5.00HK$4.75No-5%
April, 2013 
BTS Rail Mass Transit Growth Infrastructure FundAsia / Thailand 3THB10.80THB13.20YES15.75%
Smiles S.ALatin America / Brazil3BRL21.70BRL24.10YES4.83%
March, 2013 
Termbray Petro-king Asia / HK3HK$3.28HK$4.59YES16.16%
Mapletree Greater China Commercial TrustAsia / Singapore3S$0.93S$1.05YES9.61%
SoftmaxAsia / Japan3JPY1300JPY5650YES323%
Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings LimitedAsia / HK3HK$0.98HK$1.48YES32.65%
AsanteAsia / Japan3JPY930JPY1195YES11.1%
Countrywide Holdings LtdUK3£3.50£4.0375YES10%
IEnova S.A.B de CVLatin America / Mexico3PS34.00PS40.51YES17.65%
PT Dyandra Media Internation Asia / Indonesia3IDR350IDR500YES20%
Hellerman Tyton Group PLCUK3£1.95£2.07YES0.5%
Tama Home Asia / Japan3JPY980JPY1870YES73.50%
February, 2013 
Kaitori OkokuAsia / Japan3JPY900JPY3000YES122%
Comforia Residential Reit Asia / Japan3JPY550,000JPY626,000YES10.36%
Linx S.ALatin America / Brazil3BRL27BRL32.00YES11.15%
Zero to SevenAsia / S Korea 3KRW8300KRW14000YES57.20%
MedrxAsia / Japan3JPY1000JPY3200YES120%
Crest Nicholson Holdings LtdUK3£2.20£2.66YES15%
Nippon Prologis Reit IncAsia / Japan3JPY550,000JPY710,000YES27.27%
Tune Insurance MalaysiaAsia / Malaysia3MYR1.35MYR1.38YES2.2%
January, 2013 
Speedy GlobalAsia / HK3HK$0.82HK$1.28YES40.24%
Golden Wheel TiandiAsia / HK3HK$1.68HK$2.15YES18.45%
LEG Immobilien AGEurope / Germany 3EUR44.00Eur44.50YES1.13%
Chinalco Mining Corporation InternationalAsia / HK3HK$1.75HK$1.68No-11.4%
December, 2012 
IBJAsia / Japan3JPY1450JPY2660YES80%
Tecnos JapanAsia / Japan3JPY1540JPY2278YES21.95%
ChimneyAsia / Japan3JPY1000JPY957NO-5.5%
PT Waskita KaryaAsia / Indonesia3IDR380IDR490YES18%
SyuppinAsia / Japan3JPY330JPY570YES66.67%
GLP J-ReitAsia / Japan3JPY60500JPY64900YES3.3%
JibannetAsia / Japan3JPY720JPY1712YES96.1%
China Machinery Engineering CorpAsia / HK3HK$5.40HK$6.42YES12.6%
November, 2012 
CareerlinkAsia / Japan3JPY420JPY929YES101.43%
STrustAsia / Japan3JPY1350JPY2620YES86%
Daiwa House Reit CorpAsia / Japan3JPY500,000JPY507,000YES0.8%
Fonterra New Zealand3NZ$5.50NZ$6.95YES20%
October, 2012 
Talanx AGEurope / Germany 3Eur18.30EUR19.75YES4.10%
Borregaard ASAEurope / Norway3NOK21.00NOK21.50YES1.56%
Direct Line InsuranceUK3£1.75£1.8925YES3.43%
Courts Asia LimitedAsia / Singapore3S$0.77S$0.83YES5.2%
Astro All Asia NetworksAsia / Malaysia3MYR3.00MYR3.11YES1%
Religare HealthcareAsia / Singapore3S$0.90S$0.895No-1.11%
September, 2012 
Japan Airlines (JAL)Asia / Japan3JPY3790JPY3905YES0.53%
IGB REITAsia / Malaysia3MYR1.25MYR1.41YES9.6%
AP CompanyAsia / Japan3JPY2350JPY4310YES40.64%
Banco Santander MexicoLatin America / Mexico3US$12.18US$13.90YES3.45%
MediaflagAsia / Japan3JPY900JPY2200YES135%
August, 2012 
Success HoldingsAsia / Japan3JPY2050JPY3050YES21.95%
Far East Hospitality Trust ReitAsia / Singapore3S$0.93S$1.005YES5.38%
July, 2012 
PT MNC Sky VisionAsia / Indonesia3IDR1520IDR1800YES0.6%
Inner Mongolia Yitai CoalAsia / HK3HK$43HK$43N0-2.55%
ActcallAsia / Japan3JPY1700JPY2584YES47%
May, 2012 
East West Banking CorpAsia / Philippines3PHP18.50PHP20.70YES8.65%
Asia Aviation Asia / Thailand 3THB3.70THB4.00YES8.1%
April, 2012 
Bumitana AgriAsia / Singapore3S$0.745S$1.02YES34.89%
GT Capital Holdings IncAsia / Philippines3PHP455PHP500YES9.89%
Kenedix Residential Investment REITAsia / Japan3JPY190,000JPY184,500NO-4%
BTG PactualLatin America / Brazil3BRL31.25BRL32.58YES0.5%
Haitong SecuritiesAsia / HK3HK$10.60HK$10.70YES0%
March, 2012 
M-upAsia / Japan3JPY1130JPY2286YES75.84%
Lifenet Insurance CompanyAsia / Japan3JPY1000JPY1010No-7%
Tesco Lotus Thai Property fundAsia / Thailand 3THB10.40THB12.30YES9.6%
Ziggo N.VEurope / Netherlands3Eur18.50Eur22.645YES14.59
VectorAsia / Japan3JPY1000JPY1400YES16%
February, 2012 
Perfect Shape HoldingsAsia / HK3HK$0.88HK$1.01YES10.22%
Inside SecureEurope / France3Eur8.30Eur9.29YES0%
December, 2011 
Sitoy Group HoldingsAsia / HK3HK$2.95HK$3.16YES1.6%
NexonAsia / Japan3JPY1300JPY1310YES0.54%
New China Life Insurance Company Asia / HK3HK$28.50HK$26.60No-8.77%
W-ScopeAsia / Japan3JPY2500JPY2379No-8%
Hosa International LimitedAsia / HK3HK$1.60HK$1.64No-7.5%
Star FlyerAsia / Japan3JPY3180JPY6030YES73%
November, 2011 
Parkson Retail GroupAsia / Singapore3S$0.94S$1.30YES11.7%
October, 2011 
Citic SecsAsia / HK3HK$13.30HK$14.86No-0.15%
Poletowin Pitcrew HoldingsAsia / Japan3JPY2250JPY2739YES21%
Kikuchi Seisakusho Asia / Japan3JPY1100JPY1160YES4.34%

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